APRS, or Automatic Position Reporting System, is a system for the transmission of digital data via radio. APRS is usually used to transmit the location of a person or object but can also be used to send data like weather reports, text messages and telemetry.

The club operates an APRS digipeater on the VHF national standard of 145

For more information visit the Wikipedia article on APRS or www.aprs.org

Shown below is a map with the APRS activity in the area, provided by aprs.fi which receives data in real time from the APRS Internet System (APRS-IS).

aprs.fi Google Gadget

VK4RGC-3 Digipeater Info

The digipeater itself is a Microsat WX3in1 Mini connected to a Tait TM8110 VHF mobile radio, with a 3 cavity band-pass filter coupling it to the antenna system.

The WX3in1 Mini not only provides a fully configurable digipeater, but also acts as an Internet Gateway (or IGate) to the APRS Internet Service (APRS-IS). The device is configurable over IP, allowing for remote access for all administrative tasks.

The digipeater, radio & power supply

Cavity filters to prevent interference

For more information on APRS on the Gold Coast, feel free to contact VK4UT at vk4ut AT gcars.com.au.
GCARS President,
27 Jun 2011, 04:50